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A guide to Vertical blinds.

Updated: Jun 5, 2019

Operating chain on a vertical blind.

What are they:

Vertical blinds are lengths of material (louvres) that are hung vertically and attached to a headrail. Louvres are either 89mm or 127mm in width and can be rotated horizontally using a chain to manage the levels of light entering a room. Safety features are fitted as standard with the chain. The blind can be opened to the sides using cords or a wand (a plastic rod) which is attached to the louvre at the top and it is simply a case of pulling this wand to the side. Blinds can be opened all to one side; split to both sides like a pair of curtains or all drawn in to the centre of the window. Vertical blinds are now fitted with weights in the bottom of each louvre eliminating the bottom chain that was once a potential tangle problem.

Sloping vertical blind with alternating louvre colour in a conservatory.

Why we love them:

They are a very versatile blind, not only do they fit standard square window shapes but can be made to fit sloping windows, bay windows and windows that may need a stepped bottom edge such as a blind that needs to cover a door and an adjacent window with a higher bottom finish height.

Light levels are managed with great simplicity allowing for optimal shading inside whilst maintaining a good level of privacy from external onlookers. This makes them ideally suited for office windows or rooms that face onto a busy street.

They provide shade from the sun whilst still allowing gaps to see out of your window so they are really beneficial in conservatories where you need to keep the heat down but still want to look at your garden.

There is a great range of materials available, including blackout, and you could really jazz things up by alternating the louvre colours.

These blinds can also be motorised.

White vertical blinds in a living space.

Recommended rooms:

Rooms that require privacy



Any window!!

Cleaning your vertical blinds:

Vertical blinds are low maintenance when it comes to cleaning, because the fabric hangs vertically, the dust is not likely to settle on them. The area that will need most attention is the headrail that has places for dust to sit.

White vertical blinds in an office building


Use a damp cloth and simply wipe over all surfaces including in the underside of the rail.

The louvres can be carefully unclipped to allow greater access and therefore a more thorough clean.

A small amount of silicone spray or polish on the rail itself will help the louvres glide smoothly when being operated. Be careful to not allow any of the spray to come into contact with the fabric as it may stain the fabric.


A feather duster will suffice for a quick clean, a vacuum cleaner nozzle carefully run along each side of each louvre will allow for a greater clean.

For dirt patches, start with a damp cloth to see if this will lift it and move onto gentle fabric cleaners and stain removers if required.

For a deep clean, you can carefully unclip each louvre and submerge them in a bath of warm water with some fabric detergent, gently scrubbing with a cloth where necessary.

If you are interested in Vertical blinds for your home or work place, get in touch to arrange a free, no obligation measuring and consultation appointment.


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