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Blind safety, child safety.

Children can be strangled by loops in pull cords, chains, tapes and inner cords that operate the window blinds. It is our top priority at Shading Solutions to do all we can to prevent this from happening. All blinds that we install are fitted with the appropriate safety devises and are compliant to safety standards EN13120. 


These safety devises are explained below but there are also steps you can take to help:

-Keep cords out of reach of young children and vulnerable people.

-Move beds, cots and furniture away from the blinds. 

-Regularly check the cords for twists and loops that may have been created. 

-DO NOT tie cords together. 

-Choose products that do not have cords i.e. curtains, shutters and perfect fit blinds.

-Swap the cords for a wand with vertical blinds.

Safety devises we fit and how to use them:


Chain breaks:    

Which products?:  Roller blinds

How do they work?:   A weak link is placed in the chain so if any additional

pressure is applied to the chain, the chain 'breaks' and the loop is broken.

This chain end is easily fitted back into the link to reform the loop to operate

the blind. 


Which products?:Venetian blinds

                              Roman blinds

How do they work?: Cleats are fixed to the wall in a position that the cords

can be adjacent to the cords on your blind. The blind cords are wrapped

around the cleats in a figure of 8 pattern ensuring the whole cord is wrapped



Split cords:

Which products?: Venetian blinds

How do they work?: The 2 control cords are separate and do not create a loop. The cord lengths are determined by the height that the blind is fixed ensuring that the bottom of the pull cords will always be 1500mm or above from the floor. 

'P' clips:

Which products? Roller blinds

                             Vertical blinds

How do they work?: The chain from the blind runs through the 'P' clip which

is attached to the wall at the chains full length. This results in the chain being

continuously under tension and secured to the wall preventing gaps or loops

big enough for small heads to fit in. 

Break away clip:

Which products?: Roman blinds

How do they work? On the reverse of the blind, there are cords that allow the blind to be pulled up evenly when opening.  These cords are attached to horizontal bars at intervals down the length of the blind with small clips. These clips are designed to break away from the horizontal bar when additional pressure is placed on the cords. They are easily clipped back into place when needed. 

Break away cord connector:

Which products?: Roman blinds

How do they work?: When additional weight is applied to the cords,

the mechanism that holds the cord in place pops out of the blind

and falls to the floor. Keep watching the video and you will see that

it is easily replaced when needed.

If you have further questions on this matter or would like to talk more specifically about a product then please do get in touch and we will happily answer your questions. 


Chain breaks on blinds
cleats on blinds
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